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Psychology - Occupational Therapy - Speech Pathology - Multidisciplinary

Our Gympie clinic has moved to the Gympie Health Hub:

4 Horseshoe Bend

(Entrance and Parking off Lawrence Street)


PHONE: 07 5449 0008; FAX: 07 5302 6449; EMAIL: info@allabilities.com.au; POST: PO BOX 2139, NOOSAVILLE BC. QLD. 4566


Clinical and Multidisciplinary Services


Occupational Therapy

We are university trained and nationally registered professionals who support children and youth to:

  • improve movement and coordination

  • engage in activities at home, school, or work

  • adapt to sensory differences

  • improve handwriting or behaviour

  • improve fine or gross motor skills


We are university trained and nationally registered professionals who support children and youth to:

  • manage their emotions and behaviour

  • improve their academic performance

  • improve their social engagement and relationships

  • improve their mental health

  • build resilience and happiness within a family unit

Speech and Language Pathology

We are university trained and registered professionals who support children and youth to:

  • improve communication

  • identify issues with reading, writing, and listening

  • develop social skills

  • develop and improve speech

  • identify and support learning difficulties



We have a very good relationship with many schools on the Sunshine Coast and in the Gympie region. We collaborate and coordinate with teachers, heads of learning, and guidance officers to provide thorough and accurate assessment of ability. We also provide strategies to support learning and grow academic performance in school. We also develop interventions to assist social engagement and manage behavioural issues within a school environment. We will support students to understand and control their emotions and behaviour to reduce the prospect of suspension or expulsion.


Our Clinics

Our clinics are designed to be child and youth friendly ensuring families feel comfortable and safe when receiving clinical supports.



Families and Carers are crucial to establishing change in a young person’s life. Therefore, All Abilities works with young people and their parents, carers, or siblings in order to bring about positive change for all. We also have male and female clinicians and acknowledge that sometimes you will feel more comfortable with one gender over another depending on what is going on.



All Abilities works closely with government funding authorities, including Medicare, National Disability Insurance Scheme, and others.



We believe in research based practice and interventions which have been proven to foster change and growth. Our clinical team is highly trained and participate in ongoing professional development and education to ensure they are up to date with the latest approaches in their field.


Clinic Locations


33 Mary Street, Noosaville. 4566.

(Ground Floor)



4 Horseshoe Bend, Gympie. 4570

(Entrance & Parking off Lawrence St)